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The Career Vision Card

The difference between a good candidate and an amazing one is their capacity to speak about who they are;  not just what they do. 

That's is the secret! 

The more you know yourself and can share that to others, the more magnetic you become. 

The Vision Card Masterclass is my favorite tool to understand what drives people and who they are. 

In 1 hour, I help you create a VISION BOARD of WHO YOU ARE.  

With that you can amplify your future self and become more of your aspirations and potential.
Who you dream of being when you grow up because  that's another secret. 

You have the ability to create your future.

Give yourself Permission to Dream and Inspire your Future self. 

Once your visualize your Vision on one piece of paper. You'll see the incredible results unfold.

Here's a link to some of our amazing Visionnaires!
I can't wait to be inspired by yours!


What People Are Saying:

As a designer, the Vision Card workshop was exactly what I needed. It is an amazing exercise that helps you focus on the possibilities of tomorrow. As a creative person, I found it to be: - Fun: Agathe makes it playful and imaginative - Sensory: Visual cues help you focus on your values while the accompanying music relaxes your mind & body, making the responses very intuitive.I *loved* it ! - Powerful: Look around you & tune into signals after the exercise, acknowledge them, grab them, and act on them. Your vision will start taking shape in no time! I’d highly recommend it - I even cajoled my husband to do it.

Sam F.

It was very powerful and positive to get so much done in such a short period of time (I’m impressed). I would normally have noodled away at it for ages and scrutinized my choices. The time constraints and your guidance worked wonders.

Lisa H.

The Vision Card reminded me to put my health, well-being, and my overall self first.

Sarah L.

Receiving the Vision Card, it’s nice to see that visualization of ourselves. This card gave me a deeper explanation of who I am and why I do what I do. My mentors are a great reminder of the direction I want my career to go.

Tina P.

Thank you so very much for the workshop. I truly got a lot out of this workshop it and thought the whole process it was approachable, clear and most of all enjoyable! I apologize for not being able to turn my screen on, I know getting to know a face makes conversation flow much better but I had my 6 mo old son rolling around on the floor and it would have made for quite a distraction for everyone. I am just starting to get my head out of baby mama mode. After having two children, I need to re-focus and clarify what my needs are for my next career move and your workshop has really been my first step. It's daunting, to pause your career and even more so to make the decision to find a new creative position after working at one company for essentially my entire career.

Andrea Z.

The Vision Card lit a fire under my ass. It woke me up and made me remember who I was and what I can do.

Grace R.