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How To Share Your Achievements Masterclass Recording

It is my mission to make sure all competent people get hired. And not just the confident ones!

This Masterclass teaches you how to share your achievements like a pro. 

Most people feel they are bragging and recoil at the idea of sharing their achievements.

But if you don't, who else will? 

As a recruiter, I want to hear what you do and how you do it. 

And I need to understand this information clearly to relay it to my clients.

In less than an hour, I will teach and create space for you to practice one of your achievements on the spot with specific examples. 

Recruiting firms universally use the S.T.A.R. method. 

S for Situation:
T for Task 
A for Actions
R for Result

We all must keep our narrative fresh to "stay relevant" and thrive in a fast-changing environment. 

Too often, I hear of talent getting the interview, yet they don't get that follow-up meeting. 

They leave the conversation feeling unheard or confused. 

Not knowing if their audience even "got them."

They are right!

In 90% of my interviews, candidates share confused messages, making them unpresentable to clients.

This Masterclass will bring clarity for your listener, who can then SHARE the relevant information with their team or client. 

Learning to convey your achievements is one of the crucial elements to support your career's growth and future earnings. 

You don't want to miss this masterclass.

See you soon!